Paul Robeson Galleries

Exhibition Catalog Series IV

Paul Robeson Galleries

Rutgers University—Newark

Lift Off: Earthlings and the Great Beyond
100 pages, perfect bound, shortfold cover
Digitally printed
Foil stamped cover


The Wicked Twins: Fame & Notoriety
64 pages, perfect bound
Digitally printed
UCDA Award Winner: Lift Off & The Wicked Twins
Graphic Design:USA Award Winner: Lift Off & The Wicked Twins


As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (or NASA, best known as the agency that first put a man on the moon) puts an end its moon program, the Paul Robeson Galleries presents an exhibition based on ideas and issues surrounding space: perceptions of future life based in space; space agencies (i.e. NASA); the Russian space agency; race for space; NASA byproducts; objects in space; ways of viewing space from earth; the possibility of other life forms in space; space travel, the depiction of space in popular culture, design for space, and the life of an astronaut.

—Paul Robeson Galleries


The United States has been described as having a fame hungry culture, which has been fuelled in recent years by the plethora of communication devices, social networking sites which facilitate the dispersal of information in real time, and a slew of reality programming on both television and the internet. This exhibition will focus on the work of artists who address ideas about fame and infamy, celebrity culture, current idols, imitation of celebrities, and attempts to secure at least 15 minutes in the spotlight.

—Paul Robeson Galleries

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Lift off: Earthlings and the Great Beyond


Includes the works of Sarah Bednarek, Leah Beeferman, Robbie Conal, Angie Drakopoulos, McLean Fahnestock, Rebecca Hackemann, Scott Listfield, So Yoon Lym, Kate McQuillen, Lauren Orchowski, Jonathon Pellitteri, Experimental Skeleton, Jean-Pierre Roy, Adam Ryder, Jeff Schmuki, Christopher Ulivo, Robert Weingarten. This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with contributions by Buzz Aldrin, Anonda Bell, Caren King Choi, Leslie Kean, and Peter Nowak.

—Paul Robeson Galleries

The Wicked Twins: Fame & Notoriety


Includes the work of Susan Anderson, Emily Bennett Beck, Richard Drew, Daniel Edwards, James Horner, Christa Maiwald, Polixeni Papapetrou, Tom Sanford,Mark Stockton, Beth Whitney. This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with contributions by Anonda Bell, Caren King Choi, Mathieu Deflem, and Richard Schickel.

—Paul Robeson Galleries