Design Process

Engage in a process that produces results.

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While no two projects are alike, Ludlow6 applies a comprehensive design process that results in design that is customized for each client.

Some projects require significant time in all phases, others require less. Together we will determine the best plan for your project.


    • We collaboratively develop a set of questions that get you to uncover the possibilities of how your brand can activate your organization’s mission.
    • Often times, writing the design brief raises new questions and reveals new opportunities for growth and constructive conversations take place within the organization.


    • With strategy in place, we explore conceptual directions and then bring you back into the conversation. With visual concepts in hand, we talk about how the various (usually 2 or 3) design directions speak to your organization’s marketing objectives.
    • We invite your feedback and work through refinements until we reach consensus – including with the larger group of decision-makers at your organization – on the best possible design solution.


    • We take all of those ideas and transform them into a coherent strategy to guide design development. This is an incubation period for us, to take what we’ve learned and start to map how design aligns with your goals.
    • The planning is shared with the client to ensure cohesion and buy in throughout the process.


    • We work with you to activate the design – whether a brand or event design being implemented across channels, an art catalog to be delivered in time for an opening, printed matter that requires press checks and coordination of final delivery or a website that requires collaboration with programmers and QA’d to ensure perfect execution.
    • Our goal is to ensure that from strategy to design to execution, we fulfill your goals.

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