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Engineer Something Amazing!

Engineering Outreach for Middle and High Schools Students

nacme brand design, James Wawrzewski, engineering, STEM, new york city

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. (NACME)

NACME STEM Awareness Campaign

Campaign Logo

All in both English and Spanish

Reaching potential new engineers by making STEM education amazing!


The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) created a campaign to reach middle and high school students and their parents to explain what engineering is and why they should consider becoming engineers.


Our team of writers and designers worked with NACME’s brand design to get this message across in a simple and direct way to make engineering appealing as an exciting career possibility. Photos of students working on science projects and actual engineers out in various engineering careers, help student to imagine themselves as engineers.

Read about NACME’s Brand Refresh in Brand Design Case Study


nacme, STEM education, engineering awareness, ludlow6, magazine, james wawrzewski, print design, brand design
nacme brand design, magazine, parents, NACME, engineering, James Wawrzewski, STEM
nacme brand design, magazine, middle school, NACME, engineering, STEM, James Wawrzewski
nacme brand design, magazine, high school, NACME, engineering, STEM


nacme brand design, brochures, NACME, engineering, STEM awareness
nacme brand design, brochures, NACME, engineering, STEM


nacme brand design, poster, NACME, engineering, STEM